February 19, 2009


This is Gran-Dad
He is my husbands Grandfather on his Dad's side. When he was growing up they all called him "Dad" he called his actual father "Daddy". Anyway's when my kiddos were just starting to talk and stuff my son didnt understand why we should call a Grandparent Dad. So, the name Gran-Dad was awarded to him and thats what it has been at least for us this whole time.
Gran-Dad is currently not doing too well. He is at home with hospice care. He is sleeping in a hospital bed and unable to get out of bed due to a fractured hip. He is really probably not got long with us. His battle with cancer started about 3 years ago. This picture of him above was taken Christmas before last '07. We all were scared that might be his last. When he was diagnoised with cancer it was in his colon. He went through Radiation, which made him awfully sick. He than was getting better. He went awhile with no treatments and no problems. Although the cancer was never completly gone, it had gotton a lot smaller. Than all of the sudden it started growing agian. It spread to his liver. Now it is to the point where it has gotton into so much of his body there is not cutting it out. His body can not take any more radiation. So, the diagnosis is to make him comfortable.
He is a very idependant go getter of a person. He loved to get in his dump truck haul his back hoe on his trailer to someones house to help them clear land of smooth a driveway. He was always willing to help anyone who asked him.
I feel bad I don't know more history than I do about him. Since it is my husband grandfather I only know first hand the last 10 years of his life.
He was at one time in the navy. At one time they lived (him and his wife known to us as Nana) on a house boat in the Florida keys. He has all kind of funny stories that he loves to tell most of which you aren't quite sure if they are true or not. They are fun to listen to none the less.
He spoke once of being chased by a bear. It seems like if I can remember he was saying he was on leave for the navy. He had been dropped off after hitchhiking a ways I think it was up in the smoky mountain area ( could be wrong I am having trouble remembering the details.) He heard a sound it was pitch black dark and he realized that something was there. Just about that time he saw him just barely and knew it was a bear. He took off running ...I have no idea how he got out of that one or if he ever was in it to begin with. Tall tells he loved to share. You know there is probably some truth to most of it though. He also would always say that the bear would smell the sweet on your breath so never eat candy and than go in the woods or it would get you.
He also called mountain lines or bobcats scratch gravel. One time he scared my hubby when he was a little boy telling him a scratch gravel was going to get him.
He loves to tell stories. They are always funny. I wished I had listened better b/c I dont remember the details of alot of them. I do remember that when my father-in-law was a kid Gran-dad just decided that they would move to Florida. They packed all they could fit in one car with three kids and not one thing more. They left everything else but burned it so the Indians wouldn't get it. ( please dont be offended in you are Indian I have Indian blood in me too it was just something that generation used to say)
The other day the last time we went over with the kids he told my daughter a story. He always has these ducks like glass and plastic and wood he collects them. Anyway he has these ducks and the kids love to line them up and play with them when we are over there. Well, my daughter asked where did all the ducks go Gran-dad?(they had put them up) He said well they all flew away. She looked at him wide -eyed as he explained to her how one time there was a flock of duck that were in a pond and it got cold too fast and they all froze into the pond so they all together took of flying and took the pond with him. Her eyes were so big she really did believe that they ducks had flown off with a pond.
Well, hopefully Gran-dad will be around with us much longer. I just wanted to share some about him. I wish I knew more. I also wish he didnt have to leave us so soon. He is good man, and we all love him! He did get his heart right, he is saved, he knows where he is going. He has made his peace with things. Now if we can all make our peace with him leaving.

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this makes me miss my Papaw. ; :(
so sad...I hope he is in good spirits until the end.