February 12, 2009

Broken heart Valentine

Riley working on the last batch of cupcakes

Well, last night after working really hard on our cupcakes ( Riley decorated) she went to bed acting a bit cranky I just figured she was tired. However at about 12:30 last night she started throwing up. She has continued until this morning and has just now kind of quit. She did finally get some sleep last night thank goodness. Needless to say she cant go to school today. So, no Valentine party. No exchanging her valentines she worked really hard on. My hubby ran the cupcakes to her school this morning along with her Valentines. We had to go ahead and take them, they would need them for the party.

Example of cupcakes this one is a little bare on the icing, however this was towards the end, and we were running out. These were just for us anyway we had already made enough for her school by this point

Riley this morning after her bad night. She looks still cheerful! I think she is tried though. Poor thing.


HomeSpun Threads said...

You know what we should do? Tomorrow or Saturday we should get the kids together and have our own Valentines party. We can make cards and stuff...I feel really bad for her especially after all that work on those beautiful cupcakes!

Lorie said...

Oh no!! How sad!

The one Valentines Day I was sick as a kid I remember being so sad that I missed the parties! And then my Dad came home, brought me a ballon and a card and I felt all better!

I hope she is feeling better tomorrow!

Brandie said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts. She is feeling much better today. We are off to an indoor playground with Nanny hopefully it will make up for her missing stuff yesterday!