February 26, 2009

Copy Cat....

I am copying this post idea from a friend over at a day in the life of, you will see her blog link to the right of my post. Anyway today she had a post about how her kids are constantly watching her and copying everything she does.
Well, that got me thinking. I have been hearing some not so friendly ways of speaking coming out of my 7 year olds mouth. No name calling, or curse words or anything that bad, but just not being as nice as he could be. I hear this from my daughter too as well. so, that got me thinking. Where do they get the way they talk and relate to each other, from me and my hubby. well, my hubby is at work and not home until dinner time so i am with them alot more , and thus probably infulence them more. I realize I really need to work on my tones with them. Not really what I am saying but how I am saying it. Also, my patience. I am not near patient enough. I see all these things coming back at me through their behavior.
It is also our jobs as parents to direct our children towards God. How can they think that there is a loving God that will forgive them if mom and dad get easily frustrated and upset. So, I am pledging and probably wont last a whole day but at least thats my goal. To talk to them as I would any adult or friend I would never get that tone with a friend. So, I need to give them that same respect.
Let's just see how their tones change after a little while of me watching my tones. let's see if they arent a bit nicer to each other. I'll keep you posted.

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