February 20, 2009


Well its a bit off topic for me to write about this. However, it has consumed my day b/c of the fact that I had to make few calls after it first happened well anyway...here's what happened...
I was driving into town, we live in the country so its back roads low speed limits. I saw a cop come up behind me. I slowed down to be under speed limit. He followed me and followed me there the whole time sometimes right up on me sometimes back a bit. I almost got into town, and now this has been 9 or so miles with him right on me. I saw his blue lights go on. I thought "what on God's green earth are you pulling me over for" i knew i wasnt speeding. So, he pulls me over gets out comes to my door and proceeds to tell me that he noticed that while he was behind me I veered onto the white line twice. Than he told me he also noticed that I did'nt even go the speed limit. He wanted to know if he made me nervous. He actually asked me if he made me nervous and was that the reason I was going so slow and veering. Well, I dont remember veering by the way he explained this as "touching" the white line twice.
Anyway than he says "where are you going?" now in my head I am thinking why do you need to know that. However I simply replied going to get my hair done. Well than he said "in town" i said no in another town (dont want to actually mention town names.). Well, by now I am thoroughly pissed (sorry I know thats not a good word.) it was like he wanted me to be scared of him the big bad cop. He wanted to seem like he was all high and mighty. At least thats how it seemed. Well he took my license and went to his car and was gone maybe 5 min. Brought them back handed them to me said be sure to watch those white lines. Than he was off. No warning paper that identified him. He never even asked to see proof of insurance (which they are always supposed to do)I never did get a good look at his name tag to know his name. however, I know where he was and there should be a record of his patrol for that morning somewhere. Now, I wont say any names however my uncle is in a position lets just say, to do something about this. To see this guy get reprimanded. So, I called him and explained it to him. He said he would find out who it was, and they would do something. So, although I do not hate cops. I actually like them. We know several and are related to some. So, its these that do these little stunts that make the others seem bad thats why I wanted to pass this along to my uncle. This cop shouldn't use his power to try to intimidate anyone. I mean I was not scared. More freaked out. However,he acted like he wanted me to be scared of him. I dont think you should try to force people to mess up by riding their tail and then give them a ticket. You should worry about the ones that are actually breaking the law. Some of them like to ride people like that and than give them tickets when they speed up, and also ride them at night with their brights on to get them to speed up. This might have annoyed me but it didnt hurt me. However, I cant help but wonder if someone was younger maybe teenager how scared they would've been. No one deserves to be done that way. I think what it boiled down to was I didnt do anything wrong that he could give me a ticket for, that made him mad. End of Story. Little does he know who he messed with LOL! I have some mighty high connections in that world(through family) and he might just be doing paperwork for awhile until he realizes that a badge and a gun does not give you the right to intimidate people. Guess he picked the wrong girl this time LOL!

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HomeSpun Threads said...

AH HA! Sorry it messed your day up but you're right. What's funny to me is when I know the cops, like from high school and I know how they were then. It's like a power thing, they were such little "sh*t" heads in high school so they became cops. As I was reading it, I was like...they don't know who they're messing with. ROFL. By the way, my word verification is "frigie" what's a frigie?