February 11, 2009


Seems like I have been getting from several different blogs the message of declutter and avoiding chaos. I guess I would like to add my two cents in as this: Avoid Excess.
I think if there can be a good thing about the current economic situation it is this: there was too much excess in this country and people are finally starting to live within their means again and do things the long way working and saving instead of the easy way credit.
My grandfather paid cash to have the house he still lives in today built. Imagine saving for a house? Crazy thought. However, he could do it b/c that was the world then. Thats how people did things they got things gradually, slowly as they could save and afford to add to what they had, not all at once.
It seems for awhile that people get married and expect to have the same amount of stuff their parents or grandparents have, but not have to work the 20-30 years it took them to get it all. Have it all now. NOW thats the thing. so, I think in a way maybe this economic thing will force people to go back to that way of thinking.
I was just thinking I have a four person family. I live in a 1500sqft house. Some might think that is entirely too small. Consider this though. Two bathrooms-plenty, bedrooms for everyone-plenty, dining area (only one)-plenty, kitchen (not huge) yet still-plenty, living room -plenty. laundry/office-plenty. Tell me what else I need? I mean do I "need" two living areas, and two dining areas, and a bonus room and a extra guest room. Dont get me wrong if we ever had people spend the night this might be different however we live within driving distance of all our family and have no need for a guest bedroom.
So, before you consider your house not good enough. Your car not new enough remember to appreciate what you do have and not dwell on what you dont.
I need to give myself this lesson all the time trust me. I am always thinking how we could do more to the house to make it bigger and better. I had a conversation with my hubby about adding a family room he wisely said honey why do we need that. Tell me one thing that we need that for....guess what I couldnt think of a one. I just wanted my house bigger now think how silly that is really if you think about it. More to clean, more to pay to heat and cool and for what to "say" i have a bigger house. Silly just silly.
Please dont feel I am judging if you do have these extra rooms already I realize most new homes are built with them. However, I would have to add them to my house since it was built so long ago. I am just trying to encourage everyone to see what they do have right where they are.
Excess needs to leave and contentment needs to come in. That is my prayer for my own life....just thought I would share!


HomeSpun Threads said...

Wise beyond your years lady!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog...Loved this...and you are exactly right...for the first 10 years of our marriage, we had no credit cards...we were better off back then...when we had to save for something special...or wait for our tax reund!
Great BLOG....