February 23, 2009

Bloom where planted

I thought I would expound on my little saying I have up on the header of my blog. Bloom where planted is actually from a very small photo that was given to me by my mammaw and although it is not much to look at I keep it 1. b/c it was hers 2. b/c what it says is really amazing if you think about it a minute.

Bloom where planted. Means that although sometimes we may be put in situations that are hard. Not ideal for growing you might say we have to go on through and bloom anyway.

Like for instance today my van blew a hose(at least thats all we think it is) and was running hot and steaming on my way home from getting Riley. The end of last week our heat in our house went out. I had to call and have them come out it was a blower motor, and we have no idea how much we are looking at paying to get it fixed. Than the big one is two bills from when Riley had her battle with the wall and received three stitches that is going to set us back 1300 or so. Oh, not to leave our my hubby battling the stomach flu for going on a week now. So, it seems when it rains it pours as they say. Seems like one bad thing can not come by itself it has to have the company of a few more bad things just enough to make you want to bang your head against the wall.

Now if we did what we should we would have a savings built up for such things however, we are unable to save much b/c we have to use all our money just to pay bills and get to the next pay period. I am sure I am not alone in this. So, we have no stash or any substance at least not enough to cover the doctor bills.

So, even though all these things are going on all at once, I am forcing myself to remember that God is still God. There is a bible verse in Ecc. that says "when things are good rejoice, but when things are bad consider God made the one as well as the other." How can we praise a God who gives us life and all good things, and yet not want to thank him for even our trouble. For we never know for what purpose these things might be coming on us.

One time I read that the devil uses discouragement to get us down. For us Christian its his most effective weapon.

So, in light of all that has happened. I still praise God. I still have my health, and my children's health, we have groceries to eat, and a warm house to sleep in.
I will make myself Bloom where planted no matter how many weeds might want to crowd me out.

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