January 6, 2009


So, for Christmas one of things that my hubby got me was a book on Billy Graham written by Bill Adler, what it is is a assortment of sayings and answers that Billy Graham has give people over the years when he is asked different questions. I have really enjoyed this book. Billy Graham is really a very godly person and one I feel we can all learn from. I thought I would share an excerpt from it that I thought was very neat.

"Money can buy you a bed, but not sleep; finery, not beauty; a house,not a home;books, but not an education; medicine, but not health; religion, but not salvation. Money and material things can be an obstacle to reaching Christ."

Money in an of itself is not a evil, only the love of it. I think that as Americans we focus too much on money. Who has it who doesn't? What can we do to get more, more, more, etc. However, when you truly stop and think, do you have everything you "need". Notice not everything you "want" everything you "need", I would say most of us do. So, we can be thankful, and trust God for all the other stuff in our lives. When we get in this mindset its amazing how our "wants" kinda go away and we realize we dont really need that neat thing at the store that would just look so good on the dining room wall.
Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with decorating, and by all means please lets all do what we can to make our homes more livable for our families. Lets not however, and I mean no disrespect stop focusing so much on the appearance of our home and how to decorate or furnish on a budget and deal hunting that we neglect all else in the process. I am not criticizing those that do decorate I love to do that myself as well this is as much for me as anyone else. I just wanted to share my thoughts when I read this quote. Feel free to share yours...

I always need to remind myself to stop and really experience my family my children who will grow up before I know it and than I will have the clean house that I crave but no one to mess it up anymore. I will long for the mess and the noise then I am sure. So, this just serves as a reminder to me, to focus not on what money can buy but what you can never buy with money. Thanks Billy Graham very wise words in deed.

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