January 7, 2009

Birthday is coming ......

This is Mario I am sure that most of you know him, he is the focus of my to be seven year olds birthday party this weekend. The problem is guess what you cant find in stores, mario plates, mario napkins, mario decorations of any kind. We did find a bilo that is willing to take a image we print out and put it on a cake so we will hopefully at least have a mario cake we hope. LOL, but that is it everything else is just to be colors that match mario. Our son is crazy about this guy. BTW for those that dont know it is a video game character. I find it hard to imagine anyone not ever hearing of this guy though thats been around since I was a little kid.

Anyway today the kid are home again do to school closings due to flooding in our area, so I was hoping to get some stuff done in party prep today but to no avail i fear. I hope I can get all I need to get done done in one day tomm !!

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