January 5, 2009

Back to School....One more day

Okay I love my kids but I am a better mom when i get a break. My break is called first grade and Pre-k. In the form of two kids in school. Some hours in the day when I am shall I say it "free". I can shop alone. I can clean alone. I can sit in silence if I want. I really really love my days when they are in school. I do miss them sure but it is never long until they are back at home with me. I enjoy the break and they enjoy their day away too. So, one more day and than back to my routine. As mundane as my days get I enjoy the sameness of them. As I friend and I were discussing, humans crave routine. I have not been in my routine for some time now since before the Christmas break. I am ready to be back to sameness again LOL.

So, to all you moms who feel guilty b/c you want your kids back in school, I am right there with you. For you mom's who are the brave souls that home school God bless you, I don't know how you do it LOL!!

P.S. Where do you all find your stock photos you use on your blogs that are free??

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