January 4, 2009

Taken Too Long...Plus Photos...

Sorry about my posting a new post being so long....it has been crazy around here. I have tried to get on and post real quick only to have my computer freeze up . By the time I get it back up, I don't have time to post LOL. So, anyway, can I admit something. I am glad that Christmas is over AAHHH I know, but I am its too stressful and now I can put myself full gear into getting ready to a birthday party I am going to have to do this weekend for my son. He is turning 7 nothing like one thing right after another. So, our Christmas tree is down. our decorations are up and time to move on to the next thing. I wanted to share with you some pictures I took and than blew up and framed. Photos to me are so special. They capture time and hold it there. You will never remember your children looking a certain way but when you can look at a photo you get taken back a few years and can stay there for just a little while. I have never really taken my kids to get their photos made at a "professional" studio. Sure they have some pics I have had made here and there. The vast majority of what i have framed on my walls are pictures I have took of them. To me its more them, they are in their element and I love capturing that. Well anyway here they are what do you think?

Here are a few from Christmas as well:


HomeSpun Threads said...

Hey Brandie...I LOVE the pictures. They are so elegant. You need one of all of you guys. BTW...you're getting alot of clicks of my website so if you wonder if anyone is reading, it looks like they are.

Brandie said...

Thanks, I really enjoy doing it. I do have one of my whole family. I will have to post in on my next post! Glad to hear that someone is reading these besides you LOL, but even if you are the only one thats okay too. I enjoy writing them.