December 19, 2008


This is the cover for our homemade dvd covers we made for the parents. Isnt it cute

So, this year is our year for the homemade gift. Yes partly b/c of how things are with the economy and how we would like to save some money. Mostly b/c i get tired of going out and buying token presents for family that i honestly dont think they care one way or another about. I mean think about what you still have and use on a regular basis that you got last year for Christmas, see what i mean? I can think of a handful from all Christmas' and mostly that was from my hubby. For the family siblings, nieces, nephew, step brother, in laws and stuff we are doing this year homemade things. No nothing crafty and cute ( I am not talented in that way like Aimmee !!) But, I can bake and since my siblings are perpetually starving people lol. I made them homemade goodies of all kinds. Cookies, brownies, chex mix, and even some blueberry muffins for my brother who loves them. I even did teachers gifts this year homemade chex mix. So, as you saw up above for the parents I am making them homemade dvds of the year that the kids have had 07-08 it includes birthdays, things at school, last christmas etc. So, all in all I am homemaking about everything other than what I am buying for my kids and hubby. I am hoping this year that they like their presents more b/c i have worked so hard to make them personal for each of them to really make a effort. Instead of just giving them 10 or buying them something which would have been tons easier let me tell you LOL. It was work! but i cant wait to see their reaction. I hope they really like it for that is my goal a present that is really something they want, not just another Christmas gift.

These are cookies I made for my niece and nephew, now I did buy them one toy a piece in addition to this.

These are my brothers muffins and step brothers cookies.

This shows all of it including my sister's brownie tray LOL