January 13, 2009

sorry than and now continued

Sorry for some odd reason my internet was messing up I had to split the one post of then and now into two so read first the post below and than jump back up and read this, the conclusion. Sorry
Anyway this is the current outside of the house. We still have somethings to do. Shutters etc, but everything major is done finally outside.

There is a part of me that would love to just build from scratch the house the I want. That I am trying to make this one into but I feel that when you are given a gift than you should use it. There is still lots to be done to this house. A garage to be added. Mabye a bigger family room with a fireplace who knows. It will come as we can afford to do it. Slowly. I guess the Lord is working on my patience. Like I mentioned I am not a very patient person at all. Well, this update on our house that by the way my hubby and his friend from work have done the bulk of so translation only work on saturdays you can imagine how long this process has been. It is so slow. However, its better than spending twice or three times as much to pay someone else to do it.

so, this is our journey in our house transformation from then to now. Still lots to go but finally to a point well I feel its looking good. I dont know what do you all think??

Its a hard thing in this society to have an older home. This is a 60s rancher by the way. So, it is hard to not have the "new" houses and all the prettiness and neatness that they hold. However, I am working hard very hard to be content and apprecate what I do have which is a very unique house, that is ever changeing and improving. We have come a long way for sure.

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