January 15, 2009

Helping Out...

Well yesterday I spent from when I dropped my daughter off to school to when I picked her up helping at my Dad and Step mom's mission. It is a mission they started about 3 years ago now. They serve people in the community that are without help. They are a thrift store that accepts donations than they sell them really cheap and depend on donations to be able to buy food at a discount price and provide it free of charge to families that came in. They are currently serving around 400 families with food. It is an awesome thing, but a very time consuming thing. They are the owners and they dont get a lot of help so they miss things to do with the family due to having to be there. They needed some extra help yesterday so I went out to run their register. They are about a 30 min drive from my house so its not exactly really close but not too bad either. I always enjoy helping.

I checked my emial once I got home and a lady from my son's school had wrote me about mentoring program they have where you come in once a week I think for like 30 min and work one on one with a kid that needs alittle extra help in some area, even if its just that they need some attention. So, I am a little scared just b/c its such a big commitment. You cant just not show if you have a kid depending on you. I am scared I wont know what to do to help them. I am afraid that it will be over my head to handle. I do worry but feel I need to do it. If there is a need which there seems to be. I hope that I wont regret it.

so, helping out at places schools missions etc. these are good things. Why then do I have a problem committing to them? is it b/c i so love my days alone here to get stuff done at my house that I dread sectioning off parts of my day or week to something outside that I can't not do if I dont feel like it. I guess though when you think about it thats pretty selfish. I cant manage 30 min a week with a kid? Or a day every other week or so at my dad's mission. No I dont think thats too much and I think I will feel better for doing it.

I think that when we have gifts that we should use them. No i have no special gift I can give but I can give of my time and myself. I am determined to begin doing that. Even if it is only to my son's school and my dad's mission. To those two things it will make a big difference.

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HomeSpun Threads said...

Brandi, I think you'll be SO blessed when you do these things. I also know that you'll follow through.