January 13, 2009

Our House Then, and Now

Yesterday on my post I said that I would share photos of my house transformation through the years that we have been working on it. So here goes:
This is the front of the house while it is being worked on. The plywood you see is the framing up of the new windows that will be in the living room . We did several changes adding a room and bathroom but the one that other people see is the living room. We had a set in porch that we then popped the wall out to the edge there, and put the door up. Added new siding, and a new porch.This is a shot of the inside of the living room after we moved the door and added the window but before we had trim up and repainted and re carpeted.
We also moved my sons room into our old room, b/c we had moved into the new bedroom we added, and than moved our daughter into our son's room. So, in short there is not a room that has not had something done to it. We replaced flooring and moved around cabinets in the kitchen as well.

This is a photo I have already posted but it shows another part of the living room current.

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