January 24, 2009


Thought today I would lighten things up a bit, no heavy thoughts or interesting topics. No today I want to simply show you some of my silliest photos. YOu know everyone has them. The silly pictures that no one usually sees of you or your family. Just thought it might be fun to share:
First up: This is my now 7 year old son when he first started dressing himself. Notice the backwards pants. Too bad he still does that sometimes LOL It was really cute then.
This is my hubby and he would kill you if he knew I was showing this
Zander again....I dont know??

Riley and the lipstickAnother one of the same thing

Its kinda sad b/c all of these are when my babies were still babies they are no longer babies, and so they dont do much silly stuff anymore...
In short I think that silly pictures are so fun. I hope you enjoyed looking at these. I wish my babies were still this little :( Zander

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