January 23, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall

I wish that I had thought ahead and took a pic of this mirror before me and the hubby fixed it up so that you could truly appreciate the difference. However, true to my luck I didnt think a thing about it until after we had already done the work.
This mirror was given to us by my mother in law. Apparently it is several generations old. We are talking like.....great, great, great, grandparents (at least thats their best guess).
This mirror was covered on the edges with little golden leaves that had corroded and looked just horrible. We scraped them all off with a razor blade b/c after you pulled the leaves off there was corrosion and glue residue left. We cleaned it really well and hung it up. I think it just makes this area look very nice. Wanted to share and see what everyone thought.
The edging that you see that is clear is where there were corroded leaves all around it in a used to be pretty once upon a time but currently looked yucky goldish color. It is a pretty clear now.This is the corner that is right when you come into my house. I think the mirror just looks perfect here. What do you all think?

Well that is the extent of my crafting abilites for this week. Next week who knows??

Does anyone know how to make money appear so that I can buy the things I need to in order to finish my bathroom completly, anyone know how to "make that".....didnt think so...:(

Have a blessed day!!!

BTW just thought. Shame on me for complaining the way I have been complaining lately. I was reading NieNie's blog. Thanks Aimee for introducing me to that. ANyway that poor woman has been in a accident and I bet she woudl give anything for a normal day of cleaning and for her kids to mess it. Shame on me for complaining. She isnt. She has every right too yet is not. God Bless you NieNie

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