January 26, 2009


Well today I thought I would write about what has been on my heart today. That is friendship. Between women mainly. I have had over the course of my life many many friends that have entered and than left and went on their way. I have had the childhood friends that you really dont speak to that often, but when you do run into them, its like you are back in 2nd grade. I have had good friends that I met through my kids that have moved away. I still keep in touch with one but its not as easy as having her here to talk to. I reconciled with another friend today. This friendship has been going on for as long as we have both had kids so over 6 years. Something happened and I wasnt sure what, but I knew that somehow I had hurt her in some way b/c she just wasnt acting the same to me. So, I had told my hubby and others that I would just let it go, she can call and tell me what it is I did if she wants. Well I have talked to her none since then. It has been at least 6-7 months if not more since the last time we talked. So, I texted her today to see what she was up to. She seemed to be willing to talk. I asked her what it was that I did that hurt her, or made her mad. She informed me that I had hurt her feelings the last time we were together at a park with our kids with some off handed comment I made about her parenting skills and her being too worried about her kids. Something like that. I am really not sure what I said, but thats what she said I said and I believe her. It really hurt her. The reason it really hurt her was that she thought I was saying that she wasnt a good mom. Which I in no way was, but thats what she felt. I called her up today after she texted me that. I said listen I would never hurt you on purpose you are a good friend and I dont want all this bad air hanging over us, so I am sorry please realize I am human and sometimes say and do things I shouldn't. So, please lets get past this and move on. Let our kids play again etc. She was agreeable to that. She as well didnt know what to do b/c she didnt want to call me and tell me that she was hurt over what I said. She figured I knew what I did (I didnt) but she figured I did. So, after convincing her that I in no way think she is a bad mom we worked things out I think. Not sure when we will be able to work a time out to meet with our schedules, but just knowing that all is settled makes me feel better.

So, this whole thing got me thinking we as woman can be so hard on each other. When really what we should be is each others cheerleaders. We are judgmental of each others parenting skills, of each others houses etc. This should not be. We are supposed to help each other especially in this time that we are in now when we all have small kids we need each other for company and someone to talk to if nothing else.

So, lets get past petty things and really get to know our girlfriends for they are the other soldiers in this battle of motherhood, we need to be able to hold each other up.

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HomeSpun Threads said...

First! You'd better NEVER judge my house! Just kidding! I'm glad you reconciled. I know its been bothering you that you hadn't heard from her. YAY! for that!