January 27, 2009

Pre-K Love.....

Today my daughter got in the van after I picked up her from pre-k to explain to me that Stone, and Chase (both super cute little boys in her class) were fighting over her today. I said what? Thinking ummm your 4 she must have meant something else by that. So, I urged her to explain. She said well Stone said to me "sit by me Riley" and Chase said to me "no sit by me Riley" and Stone said again "come sit by me and I will kiss you!!" WHAT!!!! kiss her? 4???? Anyway, I said did he kiss you, she informed me that he did not. So, when we got back in the house my father-in-law was here, I told her to tell him what she told me about the boys "fighting" over her. She said to him same story, but than he asked "why were they fighting over you Riley" she said "well, they both love me..." So, pre-k love ensues. She likes these boys b/c they are friends to her, not anything more. I am sure they like her for the same reasons. It just was too funny though to hear her explain it.

Oh to be 4, she showed me that one boy was on this side and one boy was on the other. The trouble that pretty thing is going to have is just starting !!!

Have a Blessed Day!!


HomeSpun Threads said...

That's TOO funny! What did her Daddy think?

Brandie said...

Not too happy about it, but we knew it was innocent, so it was mostly funny. You should have seen her last night she was brushing her hair in front of the mirror just looking at herself. I told matt uh oh, I think she may be just a bit vain. LOL.