January 29, 2009

Office Before & After

So, in my house since it was build so long ago it does not have a "laundry" room therefore we had to use a bedroom for the laundry room. When we added on we went through this bedroom and so now its not really even a bedroom at all. So, you walk through one side of this room to get to my daughter's room, and our room on the other on one wall is the washer and dryer and on the other I did have my kids a play area set up.

What I found though is that they didnt play with any toys I put in here. They only played in their rooms. so, I ended up having a kid like play area with a mural and the whole works that they never used. So, for so many years I had no where to put a desk and computer. I have had it in the Dining room, the living room and even thought of putting it in my bedroom. But, after them not playing in here for so long, I
thought why not use that other side as a office. so, I repainted over the mural (i know sad, but they had kinda outgrown it) and made my little nook of an office. Wanted to share the before and after.


So, I know you are thinking well it looks like they were playing in it there. Yeah this is right after I did it so the newness fun factor was still there. Trust me it didnt last long. How cute was this mural though. It was really neat. I am glad that I took pics of it. It was done by one of my brother's ex girlfriends moms back when they were dating. They have since broken up so it was kinda good to get rid of it anyway LOL. Bad memories for him. AFTER:
So this is the current office. If you like Georgia Bulldogs or to true fans known as "THE DAWGS!!" you'll love this office if not sorry dont judge me too harshly for my decorating. I used to not have "georgia" wall and that is what this has become.

The two pics of the kids were done way back when Zander was Riley's age now so like 2 years ago. They were too cute, riley is in a ga cheerleader outfit, Zander is in a jersey. The big pic in the middle is one my brother bought me it is really neat. It looks like a charcoal painting really too cool, and expensive. I was so excited that he bought it. Still the best present he has ever bought me. The cross photo you see sitting on the desk is one my artistic sister had them do. It is there feet (zander and Riley's) one going one way one going the other to make a cross. The desk we got on clearance at Office Depot for like 25 dollars. The chair we got free from my Dad's mission. The little side table thing that looks like a canister or something we got free from my mom. The thing the pens are in, you guessed it free from my mom in law. As you can tell I like free stuff!! Oh another neat thing I know you cant see it put the three small pics hanging below and to the left of the big painting is pics of me and Matt when we went to a Georgia game the very first game of the season and (i think) the only one where they were ranked #1 in the nation, that didn't last long LOL. So, it was neat to be able to see that. The pic over from that (I need to get framed) is actually a 3rd cousin on my hubby's side that plays for Georgia its him and he autographed it. So, that is really cool. So, sorry to bore you. I know this is so guyish right to have a "football " theme, but I love my DAWGS had to have a Georgia wall somewhere figued it might as well be here. What to you think??

OH and just for the heck of it " GO DAWGS!!!"

Be Blessed


HomeSpun Threads said...

Wait...where is this, you didn't paint the cool picture over did you? Looks good!

Brandie said...

Yeah had to to make the computer desk look right, it didnt quite look right with the back drop of jungle book. I know it was sad, but like I say they had kinda got tired of it. So, I think they are okay with it. It was on there for probably close to a year.