January 12, 2009

Here's The Truth...

Well, I really admire all you ladies who are into crafts and can do them well. I usually end up frustrated and wondering, why did I try to do this instead of buy it by the time I am done with any project. I would "like" to be better at sewing, and making things, I am very right brained though and have very little creativeness in my body! I am a order and type A person. I do not like things a mess. Which is why I probably dont like crafts. I like the end result but the mess that things have to be in to get there is too much for me.

We have done lots of work to our house that we live in. My hubby got it given to him, so instead of building one like we wouldve wanted and have a morgage, we redid this one, and are still in the process of adding more. I am really starting to think it is looking good. Hopefully. I will try to post some before and after pics soon of the house. You will be able to see all we have done in the four years or so since we have been working on it.

I know that my hubby is trying but I am not patient. so, I am always looking at what is still not done yet. so, this is my confession. I dont like sewing, I dont like crafts, and I dont like messes LOL! I am boring I know. I very much crave order in everything I do.

Just thought I would share that. Mind you I admire all of you out there that are good at all these things, and that have the patience to deal with the mess that doing all these creative things cause. Just wondering is there anyone that is like me? Am I the only women who doesnt like to do these things?

Oh there are some creative things I like photography for one, but see it creates no mess. I guess thats why I like it. I also like scrapbooking, but dont do it unless I know I can clean it up immediately.

I do love to organize, I dont think thats being creative though. Oh well, we are what we are right? I cant be a easy going creative person, its just not me. Like it or not. Sometimes you would like to ask God why am I like I am, but then you think well I am different for a reason. so, when I figure out the reason I will let you know LOL.

Have a Blessed Day!!


HomeSpun Threads said...

You're so funny! Oh, and organizing to me is being crafty! It takes someone crafty to organize all my crap.

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! Well I guess we all have our gifts than LOL!