February 2, 2009


Well today the kids skipped school. They had dentist appts. at 10:00 am, and instead of taking them both and coming back to get them both (they go to different schools) I decided that I would just let them stay and not have the headache of a rushed morning. So, we headed up in the rain, and sludge to the dentist. They got a perfect report. No cavities, healthy teeth see you in six months routine. So, 190 dollars later we were out the door. So, the dentist is rough. We have no dental insurance. So, we are having to pay for it all out of pocket, but it must be done!


HomeSpun Threads said...

Same here! We try to do dentist when we get taxes back. Glad it went well.

2girls4me said...

Ha! I took my kids to the dentist 2 weeks ago. Our bill was $256. We don't have insurance either for dental.