January 22, 2009


Sorry to be a downer today but I am just plain BLAH today. I have worked all day at home cleaning. My kids got home and already my mopped floor has food on it again, along with arguing over which dessert needs to be eaten with dinner. Now, I fixed pancakes for dinner just so you know. So, after eating pancakes my kids say they need a dessert(not sure) they are programed to have dessert right after dinner. This is something their father has instilled in them. His family was one that ALWAYS has a dessert I grew up and only had dessert when it was a special occasion. Anyway I am getting off topic. I could hear them in the other room arguing over which one gets which dessert is why it was on my mind.

So, I stayed here today, got the house cleaned the bathrooms cleaned. It is all for no gain though I fear. It gets messed up almost the second the kids walk in the door from school.

Guess I am feeling blah about being a stay at home mom. Don't get me wrong its great but some days your like why do I do this? its doesn't even stay done a whole day??

Can anyone relate?

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HomeSpun Threads said...

Blah, too! I kept my brothers baby and he cried the whole time he was awake and didn't nap long enough. So, it really wasn't blah, I was totally stressed and had to make a bag and 3 burp cloths in about an hour! Totally stressed, I can feel a headache.