January 17, 2009

So sad my baby is not a baby any longer

Well, we are going to take my son over to his friend from schools house to spend the night this will be the first time he has ever spent the night with anyone other than family. So, this is really hard on me. I am very nervous but know that I will have to at some point let him do this.

Pray for me.


HomeSpun Threads said...

Awe Brandie! Let me know how it goes because Cooper would love for that man of yours to come over.

Brandie said...

well good and bad he stayed until late like 11:00 last night and than the kids mom called us and said that he wanted to come home. So really he didnt end up staying the night with him after all. I think he would do better at your house though b/c he already knows your house, and you all better so, I am always willing to give it another go.