January 9, 2009

One down one more to go

One birthday party down, the other yet to go. We did the party at school today it went over well. Icicng stains and all. Now, we are off to chuck e cheeses with the grandparents, and tomm is the finale. It is calling for rain. today is pretty Sunday will be pretty, Saturday the day of our party is looking to be raining. So, please help me pray that it will hold off until after 3 !!

Today I was just thinking how my son who will be seven tomm is growing way too fast. It just seems like yesterday when we brought him home, and had no idea what to do with him. He is getting to be such a kid now. No baby left. It's sad but good in a way too. He is becoming his own person.

I think he is a good kid. Very empathetic. Today during his party at school my hubby caught him doing something really kind. We had cupcakes and they had little signs in them plastic signs that said "happy birthday" well of course this is the cool thing for all the kids to play with and keep. So, one of my son's buddies accidentally throws his away "oh the horror" he is upset. Zander says "whats wrong" finds out that he accidentally threw his plastic sign away, and volunteers his own sign. So, the kid that was the focus of the party gives his "toy" away. Times like that make you feel ...you know I must be doing something right. At least part of the time .

He of course has his days , but all in all has been a very kinda and caring kid. The world is better for him being in it I am sure.

So, happy birthday my little man I love you very much!! May you grow into a Godly man and my I be the mom that I need to be.


HomeSpun Threads said...

I tried to find something with Mario on it tonight...NOTHING! So, what I got him was something I think Cooper got for his birthday or maybe Evan, James liked it more than the kids did. It's pretty cool. I hope he likes it... we'll be there with bells on tomorrow...

Brandie said...

Sounds good. I am sure he will like whatever it is you get him.