November 23, 2008


So today me and my whole family kids and hubby went to Sunday morning service at our church.
There was no preaching. There was only singing, and than an invitation. Now, my question is, is that right? My mother and her husband and their preacher seems to think not. They say that in the Bible it says preaching is the way a service is supposed to go. Not that you cant have singing but that there is always preaching. I love preaching, I get more from it than singing personally. However, when the spirit is working and there are people in the alter talking things over with God, what do you do interrupt to start a sermon. I don't know. I still don't know what its right. All I know is I love our church family, there are so many people that are very dear to me there. I love the atmosphere, its a freeing alive kind of a feeling. So, I don't know sermon no sermon singing no singing. Both, who knows what is right. All I know is that our church is alive and growing and people are getting saved, and who can argue with that??

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HomeSpun Threads said...
I especially like Titus 1:3 and 2 Timothy 2:16 & especially 1 Theselonians 1:5...