November 25, 2008

Cooking and Cleaning

Well I am really into getting this house in order. My hubby last night said are you in the wrong season or something you are doing your spring cleaning now, not in the spring. I just really got tired of stuff cluttering and filling every available space. For instance baskets and vases are forever getting filled with all manor of stuff from money, to pens, to toys etc. and I had to get them all out! So, I went through both kids rooms, the living room the kitchen my room, and i still have more to go but have gotten four bag/boxes of stuff. Two for a mission Two for my niece and nephew hand me down clothes and such. It feels good to not have so much stuff cluttering. My closet needs to be tackled next.

Well, the thanksgiving traditions started already. i have made my famous chex mix. It is super easy to make and so so so good. It always is gone so fast. I will try to post pics and directions later.

Today I need to make my pies for thanksgiving I have to stage things out so i wont have so so much to do on thanksgiving.

I just try to remember this saying. I know i need to hear it everyday b/c i do tend to fall into the trap of getting too busy for my kids. It's as follows

Cleaning and Scrubbing can wait for tommorow
for babies grow up we've learned to our sorrow.
So, quite down cobwebs and dust go to sleep
for i'm rocking my babies and babies dont keep

Now i really have no babies any longer but the principal is still relevant. A clean house is good, an orderly existence is good, but not more important than your kids. Imagine one day they will no longer be running around the house tearing it up, messing things up as soon as you get them done. One day it will be quite and we will long to hear them laughing and playing, and we will want so much for someone to move something out of place. LOL. I know hard to believe now, but it will come and sooner than any of us want. so, remember to take the time to be a mommy today b/c the kids will always remember those things, they wont so much remember how clean and orderly your house was LOL.
BTW this is a lesson I have to reteach myself daily. So, its not that i have mastered this by a long shot but i like to remind myself of it often.

God Bless You today

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