November 20, 2008


Anyway, thought I would share at least my current obsession(yes obession) I dont just get interested in things i get obsessed LOL.

My current is FOOTBALL. I know right, what?? Yes. I love College Football. The DAWGS, that would of the Georgia variety to be exact.

I love my football and look forward to it every Saturday. I am slightly bummed that I dont have a game this week to watch at least not of Georgia, its a by week. But, alas next saturday there will be a reckoning, when Georgia Tech, our rival comes to town. Who knows what will happen really.

Also on my mind in not apparent connection to football, my birthday is tommorow YEAH. I am getting my hair done, I am thinking darker. I have blond hair, and am thinking of doing Brown. Who knows.

Well thats about all for today. Dont have much going on but looking forward to tommorow.


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