June 17, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday

My Grandpa is very special to me. We had a party for him at our house this past Monday. He seemed to really enjoy himself....He had lot of help blowing out his candles.

My Grandpa has a very intersting history. He grew up around here (the south) pretty poor. He was raised mostly by his Grandparents, due the fact that about two months before he was born his dad was killed in a car accident. They still dont know if it was the wreck that killed him or a heart attack that caused the wreck that killed him. He and his brothers where from his birth raised alone by his mother. She died when my Grandpa was 10 years old, expectingly. He than was raised from that age on by his Grandparents. He grew up without much material wise. He is an inspiration to me in how much he has overcome in his life. He is now a very successful person by material standards and spiritual standards. He is a Christian and takes his stewardship to the lord very seriously. Has always tithed and tried to help people when he could. He has very varied and unusual skills. He can do just about anything there is to do. He is the only 70 plus year old man I have ever heard of that has been cuffed and put into a cop car for defending a woman that was being abused, he ended up punching the guy beat him up is what he did. This guy was about 24 he was about 68 or so. So, he is one tuff cookie. Thats how people used to be brought up. Proud of their name and their name meant everything. Their word was a good as gold. There lives was there legacy and ministry to the world. 
Well I could go on and on about the things I love and admire about my Grandpa but I will end with the fact that he has always loved me no matter what, and has been like a second dad to me my whole life!
Happy Birthday and Love you Grandpa....


Aimee said...

Good ol grandpa's! Love them!

Kristi, Office Mgr. for Karyn Henley Resources said...

Your grandpa sounds like a really good man who loves the Lord. Cherish him. Found your blog through the Mom Loop so thought I'd stop by and say hi.