June 19, 2010

Father's Day gift

Matt was going through his stuff from years past and found this poem that I had wrote to him for Father's day we are guessing two years ago though it couldve been last year we cant remember. Anyway Matt actually asked me to post this b/c he thought it was good and others would enjoy reading this so here it is:

Their eyes are wide open & ready to see
They hunger to know, are ready to please
Everything is an adventure to them
Every bug, frog, or turtle a new best friend
Cleanliness is not something they seek
Dirt, mud, sand they all are neat
They love to hear stories and pretend
Will play outside and not want to come in
Their hearts & minds are eager to know
Anything you are willing to show
Belief in God to them is not hard
After all who else could've made stars
Faith is easy to such innocent minds
The love of the Lord is easy to find
Children are gifts we receive from above
Remember to take time to stop and to love
For childhood wont forever last
And this sweet simple place will be in the past
Thank God for your children each day
Enjoy them always in everyway


Aimee said...

Seriously! This is awesome! I may need to share this one. Seriously, you need to do a guest post for me during this children study and use this poem.

Brandie said...

thanks I love to write poetry! I would love to guest post you just let me know when :)