May 22, 2010

Spring Soccer

Well another soccer season has come and gone for us here in our little part of the world. Zander has been playing soccer since he was 4 he is now 8 and he has played usually at least 2 times a year or 3 in some cases. Outdoor spring, outdoor fall, and indoor winter. Anyway today was tournament day. They only have 4 teams there in his league this year, which is not alot but we are always looking foward to seeing how they do when matched up with all the other teams.

There is a team that they have played many times this year and have never beat not even once. The other teams they have done both lose and win, but not this team. They have never won against them. This team is also a team that likes to brag. At least the kids mouth to our kids and such. The last time we played them when they would score on us some parent would say thats 2 goals, thats 3 goals yelling it really loudly. It was a girl that was scoring so they were laughing saying "show them boys how to play" So, needless to say when it came down to our team and their team being 1 or 2nd place today it all came down to playing them again. We tried to convince our kids that they could do it....they get intimidated by the smack talk .... the result was....well just look at the photo

In case you cant tell from the photo that is #1 so they finally won against them. They have only won one time but it was the time that it counted lol!

We were thrilled they played so hard they had two games and it was hot and they really earned that win.

Zander had a sliding kick goal in the first game. If I could ever figure out how to upload videos from my ancient video camera into a format I can put on here I would show you mabye I will get the hubby to figure it out for me....

Congrats to Zander....MVP (in my book) of the Championship Team of RYAA soccer !!!!!!
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JDaniel4's Mom said...

It must be fun to watch him grow up in the sport. Congrats on the win!