May 27, 2010

One of those days

I had to share what my kids did this afternoon for me. I had kinda got on to them b/c they didnt want to go outside, didnt want to play together, didnt want to play in their rooms were just in foul moods. I told them both to get out of the living room and go to their rooms and just play. It was one of those I had to get them out of my hair or I was going to scream! I didnt want to scream, so I told them to just go in the other part of the house. So, they finally settled in and seemed to be playing well together in Riley's room. I told them they could come back into the living room if they could not grip complain, and fight. They said they wouldnt so in they came. They asked me to come and look at something they did in Riley's room for me. So being lead with my eyes closed down my hall with my 6 year old and 8 year old "leading" me, I made my way into her room and this is what I saw...
This is the entrance is to Riley's room. This is where the "party" was. They got these streamers out of my party basket (I keep on hand to decorate for things)

These are the presents and cards that they made me. They said they did this b/c they love me so much.
I think they thought they were in trouble and wanted to get on my good side, but I'll take what I get.
How many mom's have their kids do stuff this sweet for them...

So, like my title says It has been one of those days, one of the days that I almost lost my cool, probably was a little to harsh and learned that my kids so much want me to know they love me they are willing to give me their toys as presents..that is a picture of grace that is a good lesson learned. They continue to love me when I am unlovable, and I love them when they are unlovable as if we can just make it through the summer

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