April 2, 2010

Good Friday

I felt I couldnt let the sun set on this day before I expressed how amazed I am everytime I think of the fact that Jesus died for me on this day many years ago.
Can you imagine looking up at him as he took his last breath and know that he gave his very life for you?
We would probably die for our kids or our husbands or other family. However, the Lord knowing that we are all sinners and will always fall short of perfection willingly gave his life for us.
I dont deserve such a sacrifice. Nor can I truly comprehend all that it involves. It is just too much for my mind to comprehend what was done on calvary for me. Yet I thank him just the same for loving me and making a way for me to be with him..

That day-if I had been there
I look up and see your face in pain and grief
Imagining your body just crying for relief
I cant repay what you are doing for me
I will never be as good as I should be
I think of how perfect you are, without sin
Yet you are choosing to die, for all of men

you take your last breathe and it is over
the sky darkens and we run for cover
"Surely this is the son of God" I hear someone say
This was God that died this day

Thank you Jesus for what you gave
my only hope my only way
Thank you for loving me just as I am
imperfect sinner without a hope or plan
Thank you for your sacrifice of love
you are a true gift of grace from above

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