March 29, 2010

Riley turns 6

So, my baby is now 6. That is hard to even grasp, but alas, it is so :(

She wanted to do a Chuck E Cheese party and invite friends from her class and family. She only ended up having two friends from her class come but one of them was her best friend so all was well. We also had one other kid from school, and than family and family friends come. She had fun but was a little overwhelmed I think when Chuck E was out there. She did like it though...I think???
Dont you just love her expression here. She loved her little crown and medal they gave her but didnt so much love the spotlight on her. She only started smiling after everyone looked away.....

Riley and her best friend from school Julianna see now she is happy!

This is her little friend Abby these two have been friends since they were babies...too cute!!!

The little ball she is holding from her little friend Hudson was the most loved gift of the day I do believe....go figure...who knows what they will like...its a ball with sparkels in it!!

Cousins, Peyton & Skyler!!!

All in all it was a great party. I would've loved to invite more people. However, it was Riley's party and I let her pick who she wanted to invite!

Happy Birthday Riley!!!

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