May 13, 2009


So as many of you know we have been working on fixing up our house well, as you also know we got our bathroom done. However, we have known for sometime now that the existing bathroom aka the kids bathroom was going to need some work. We started in on it yesterday afternoon. Hubby replaced the door. It was supposed to be the easy part but low and behold something wasnt right somewhere and guess what it took hours for him to get it to fit right.

Tonight he made the move to take up the toilet which we knew was leaking and see what kind of damage we were looking at. We knew we were going to have to replace the toilet we knew the floor was going to have to be replaced at least right around the toilet. However what we didnt know was how bad it was. Let me tell you..first of all hubby didnt have to unscrew the toilet he just lifted it and the bolts were so rusted and corroded they just came apart and the wood so rotten it just gave way and he was able to just lift the toilet off the floor without unscrewing anything. Out the window it went and than we got a good look at the wood damage. Its probably a total of three feet around the toilet in all directions that will have to be replaced. All the while having to tie back into the existing wood that is not damaged. Than we looked at the pipe that you place the flange that you use to bolt the toilet down a hole that should be round is diamond or square or some wierd combination of the two. My dad is going to have to come over tomm just to see what we need. We dont even know what to do to get it right.

The positive is, our floor joist is okay, most of our floor is okay, and my dad can help lol!

Matt can fix most anything with no help at all plumbing is the only area he needs any help with and it has been what we have been having to deal with. I swear sometimes ignorance is bliss not knowing what was going on you dont think its going to be that bad. When you pull the floor up and realize what is wrong than its like man, what am I going to do now.

However, the Lord will take care of us he always does. Somehow someway we will get it fixed and nice. At least not leaking lol! Pray for us for patience, wisdom, and pray that the right people feel the need to help in order to get this done.

I am ashamed to take pictures of this mess, you will just have to take my word on it, its bad!


HomeSpun Threads said...

I'm just thankful that the last time I used your potty the floor didn't collapse. Praise God, right? That would having been so embarrassing. LOL

HomeSpun Threads said...
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