May 16, 2009

Field Day

(zander at the parachute station, they had fun doing this...)

Yesterday we had a great day at Zander's school. It was hot, muggy, and bugs were terrible, but hey this is Georgia in the start of the summer!

Zander's school does an annual field day. Unlike when I was little and did these things they do all sorts of fun things. Water balloon toss, sponge races, egg toss, etc. All I ever got to do was run a relay race lol!

So, thought I would share some
photos of the action yesterday.

Below are several photos, the first is a volleyball game, Zander got to hit it twice, the second his his basketball station, he got it in yeah! Third and Forth photos are his pail race. They try not to leak out water they are in teams of five its set up relay style. Thing was it wasnt a race and actually the slower you went the less what you dripped. Zander's team was the fastest yet lost the most water.

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