March 19, 2009

Writing my Prayers

During high school after going through a bad breakup I was given some advice by my Mamaw and others to start writing down my thoughts. Well, at first it just started with writing my thoughts about this particular thing. However, now I write down my prayers and my thoughts to God. Everyday but the weekend (usually) I will take a few minutes just jot down a few thoughts what is on my mind and heart. Asking for guidance, or whatever the need is. The neat thing is that you can look back over time if you get out old notebooks and see what has been resolved. Sometimes you forgot you even prayed about something until you see that it is written, and its kinda neat when you know it was answered. I love writing. It is so much easier to me than praying to myself. I lose track and start thinking about other things like, I need to vacuum, or I really should be getting in the shower, however when I am writing it down it forces me to finish my thoughts and it reminds me what I am supposed to be focused on.
Just thought I would share that little tid bit. I know everyone does their own thing when it comes to prayer, and bible study. However this has worked for me the most over the years, what do you all find works for you best?

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