March 23, 2009

My First Award

My good friend Aimee over at Home Spun Threads (there is a link of the side of my blog to her site go check her out) gave me this award with instructions to pass it along.

This is really special to me since its my first award so here goes the passing around...

First off I would like to pass it along to my friend
Kristi over at A day in the life of, which you can also link to from this blog.
I have been friends with Kristi since childhood, when we went to church together and hung out quite a bit, we had lots of fun. Of course I know her as Kristi-Lee, so go by and check her blog out. She writes lots of neat things about her kids and the funny things they get into. Its nice to be able to keep up with her somewhat through her blog. Go check her out.

Thats the only one I am going to pass along to as of right now. If my friend Karen over at Karen's Blog would ever actually blog I would send it to her too...Karen if you are out there, you can take this award to, on one condition...that you blog another post for us all!

Thanks again Aimee for passing this along to me...your a great friend!!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

Very sweet Brandie! Thank you! I've enjoyed catching up with you too through your blog. I feel disconnected from a lot of my childhood friends since I live so far away from "home." Thanks again for the award!