March 3, 2012

I will praise you in the storm....

I will praise you in this storm....

The above picture is of the April 27th Tornado damage to my hometown of Ringgold Georgia. 
After the storms moving through the area yesterday, sparing Ringgold thank the Lord, I felt the need to remember all the took place almost a year ago. 

It was such a scary thing to live through yet thank the Lord we were spared. We didnt even lose a limb of a tree. However, my great grandmother who was 97 at the time was sitting in her house as the tornado came through downtown Ringgold It took the roof of the back end of her house. All the damage is now fixed her house looks brand new. Other than a few exceptions our little town is coming back full swing. So, after last night I just felt the need to say again thank you Lord for protecting Ringgold last night. Thank you also for allowing us as a town to come back better than before even. Please be with the people in the areas that were hit again last night and help them to rebuild and come through stronger for it.

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