August 4, 2010

My little ones arent little anymore

Tomorrow Riley starts first grade and Zander starts 3rd grade. This is a picture taken years ago of them. Judging from memory I am guessing Zander is around 3 and Riley at about 1 1/2 or close to that anyway. Look at them they are babies. They arent babies any longer. As I was putting together school supplies and labeling bookbags yesterday I was thinking man its not going to be anytime at all before my kids are grown. Its sad but exciting too. As they grow their personalities come out more and more. They are actually growing into their own people. They are following in our footsteps of faith so far but I cant wait until they understand even more. Its always hard on me the first day of school. I guess b/c it represents each year that they have passed into another stage of growth in every way. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

I will be posting pictures from the first day as soon as I can. 


Hannah said...

This is such a cute picture! My camera is the Nikon D5000, I love it! I definitely recommend it!

Brandie said...

thanks, I am going to check into it. I want to upgrade my camera mabye I will get a new one for Christmas.