August 21, 2010

Kid vs. Wild

Well, many of you know how much my children enjoy Discovery Channels shows. They really are loving the fact that they are finally making new episodes of "Man vs Wild" with Bear Grills. For anyone who doesn't know this is a show with a guy that used to be special forces that is telling you how to survive in the wild in the case that you were stranded and had to take care of yourself. He is always during his show saying that the most important thing is to not panic, and get your most important things taken care, shelter, and water.

So, the kids were with my Dad the other night apparently they had some car trouble and couldn't get their van to start. There was a group of them stuck there and Dad told me that Zander announced to everyone. "Dont panic, we have food and we have shelter we will be fine." than followed it with "well, maybe not food but we do have shelter" (meaning the van). 

Just wanted to share what my eight year old survival expert had to say in a true emergency situation lol. Not really an emergency but he thought it was so it was funny! Those shows probably do have some worth after all. I know I have learned alot lol

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Aimee said...

Too funny!! As long as no one panics, it'll be fine. LOL