July 26, 2010

Busy Weekend

I want to apologize for failing to post regular here lately. I have been super busy. My mom's birthday was this past Sunday. On Saturday we went over to her house and got her and took her to Lowes to pick out a plant (her favorite thing in the world) for her bday present. Than we went over to my Grandparents pool and swam for hours, I mean really there wasnt much else to do with the heat index over 100 degrees. 
So, than Sunday we had church in the morning only to rush home super fast and get everything ready for our family to come over to eat lunch, for my mom's bday. Matt grilled chicken, we did baked potatoes, and crescent rolls. My step dads parents brought slaw and potato salad (which I dont care for but appreciate them bringing them b/c others do like them) Total we had 14 people in here to feed!!! I have a pretty big family. Everything is a big event. A bday is a major deal. We try to make sure everyone gets invited.

 The funniest thing is that my 96 year old Mammaw came and sat beside my Grandma (her daughter). Neither one of them can hear worth a lick and so the lunch consists of them yelling at each other b/c they cant hear each other. Also when you say something to them you have to yell. We also had my two kids plus my niece and nephew (who are 3 & 4) so needless to say it was loud. However, we had a great time. After we got done eating we went back to Grandpa's to swim for awhile. 
So, I ended up not getting any pictures at all. My batteries died on my camera during our staycation and I havnt bought anymore. I keep forgetting to every time I am at the store that is why there are no pictures from the party.

So, tomorrow consists of taking the kids to the dentist and than the rest of the week we have to get clothes for the kids and shoes and then this next saturday coming up July the 31st is mine and Matt's 11th anniversary so I am hoping that Matt gets something together. I dont want anything big just some time alone with him and to get to go out to eat. Hopefully the kids can spend the night with one of their grandparents.

Just wanted to fill you all in on why I havnt blogged. I promise to get back to regular post asap! This is a busy time of year for us. The kids only have this week and 1/2 of next and then they are back to school!

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