May 17, 2010

Let's Go Out

This is somewhat of a repost. However, I feel the need to revisit this due to our current state of affairs here in our household.

Awhile back I posted something to the affect of how much do you and your family eat out. It was my confession of spending way too much money on eating out.
After that post I did alot better in cutting back the amount we went out.
Now, it is sneaking back up there to where its making things uncomfortable again.

Now, we can pay all our bills (thank the Lord), so this is not speaking of taking money away from bills to buy food out.

I grew up eating out dinner every night. It was just how we did things. My mom was single mom who worked all day long by the time the evening came she didnt want to cook. We went out.
I guess its a habit...
Dont get me wrong I cook way more than my mom did. Pretty much every dinner through the week I will cook. However, its the lunches with the Hubby, the weekends after soccer games, or in between errands or when I am out and about and find myself hungry and 20 min from home.

We have had some insurance increases that have lead to money coming out the check that we used to have free to use. Riley has starting dancing. This is a cost per month in the class and than everytime she performs, a costume. They have have three performances this month. Add to the end of the year parties and gifts for the teachers, and birthdays galore in my family.....well you can see the issue. Not to mention how very expensive it is to dine out with a family....

We have to cut something.I am unwilling to give up my computer lol my link to the outside world....I dont want to do away with Satellite. Football season is just a few months away (those who dont know we have to watch our college football in the fall, its a thing with us). So, that leaves just one thing. out to eat.

It has to be cut down or out or something....

Answer me this how much if you dont mind saying do you spend on out to eat say a week...this is counting drive through as much is too much???

We are getting close to 150 or more a week....this is WAY too much.

You dont think about how much you spend when its 20 bucks here and so on but it really really really adds up when you realize you have spent more on out to eat than buying groceries I think you have an issue.

What do you think??? Share your thoughts :)


Bree said...

I came over from the blog frog thingy. We eat out a lot too. We did much of eating out as a kid and I suppose that carried over. We have gotten better about cooking in the week or I cook a few meals in bulk (sometimes even freeze a portion for later lunches or next week). We do a lot of weekend eat out/pick up of meals though. I hear you, something has to give at times. If I am the only cook then there are times when I need a break but, like I said, we're getting better ;) (oh, the shutters look really nice!)

Brandie said...

Thanks Bree. I have done really good this past week eating at home for lunches instead of going and meeting the hubby (even though that is hard) and cooking every night during the week except Wed. b/c we ate out with my mom before church. Than today (sat) we ended up having to eat out we were out b/c of soccer and than ate in tonight. The challenge will be tomm after church we are always so hungry and its so tempting just to drop in somewhere....but I am trying....its the only thing we can cut so I have to try at least :) thanks for letting me know what you thought!