March 14, 2010

Look at what all I got....

Here are some things I picked up from Ikea

In case you cant tell you are looking at a pot rack/holder. Usually seen over an island in a kitchen, made for pots & pans to set on and hang down off of. The issue here is our cielings are very low in our house, we are wondering if it looks right or needs to go?? Let me know what you think..

Then there are the dishes I found, six plates, salad plates and bowls $25.00!!! You cant tell from the picture but these are very nice and heavy not easily broken.

Finally here is the art I got for my dining room wall. It is roses on Canvas in case you cant tell. This is a huge picture. I think it looks good here, what do you think? I was also thinking of maybe putting it over my bed in my room. However, this long wall needed something big.

We also got a fish light and new mirror we will be putting into the kids bathroom eventually. We have to do a little work in there first. I got a 2 qt pot for 12.99 and a wok for 7.99.

We love Ikea there stuff is awesome.

So, tell me what do you think????


HomeSpun Threads said...

I love Ikea and never get to go. I need to plan a trip down there. They have so much great stuff! Honestly, I don't think the pot rack, looks like something you'd have. Your house is so clutter free and clean and I think the pot rack looks a little cluttered. I wonder though if your beautiful new dishes would look good, neatly stacked and maybe even some nicely folded white linens next to them. It's just hard to make pots and pans look good. I love the picture by your table. I think it's a good size for the room to and you could even flank it with some candelabras or something, maybe even some of those little floating shelves with some roses in vases, I think I've seen some little shelves in your house, I think. I love it! I love finding new stuff for my house.

Brandie said...

I agree It seems odd. That is why I was wanting to know what everyone thought I agree Pots and Pans never look good. Our issue is lack of cabinet space. We want to eventually add another set of low cabinets but right now I dont have anywhere to put them. I had them set in there on a white wire shelf that I have now move and let Riley use for art stuff so I dont know how to store them. However, I am going to work on it. I am going to try to get rid of some stuff and mabye I will then have room. Thanks for your honest thoughts though. I agree it seems unlike me. Matt siad well I knew it really wouldnt look good. I was like then why didnt you say something in the store. We cant take it back now unless we want to drive back to atlanta which gas would cost more than the price of that. I dont know about using it for anything else besides pots and pans. I am thinking of trying to find other areas for stuff and taking it down completely. For now it will stay though until I can figure out something else lol. Thanks for your thoughts!!!

Brandie said...

oh I forgot to mention yes I was thinking of flanking the picture with something. I am still not sure what. The shelf idea is a good one. I might see what that looks like. I do have some of those.