February 26, 2010

Spin Class

Well about three years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and was told I needed to lose weight. So, I ended up joining a kickboxing class which I was able to get through but just barely the first time. I had to sit down within the first 10 min or so to take a break. Slowly but surely I built up endurance to be able to do my almost 1 hour long kickboxing class well. I did this for approximately 2 years. If you have ever exercised at all you know that once you hit a certain point that you kinda have to change what you are doing in order to stay in shape your body adapts to what you are doing, so you have to up the challenge.

Well for the past several months I have not done much at all short of walking on my treadmill or doing Wii fit every now and than. I wouldve liked to start my kickboxing class back again, however Matt's work schedule had gotten so that he just couldnt get home in time for me to go to the that class any longer.

So, Mom said the other day would you want to take a spin class with me. Now, I have heard of these classes, but never thought I would really enjoy them. However, we went last night for the first time and I very much enjoyed it. It was much easier to adapt to than kickboxing was. I am sore, but not as bad as I was when I first started kickboxing. So, I am looking forward to again having a routine. I dont "need" to lose weight. I really just love the feeling of a good workout and the boost it gives you in all other areas of life. Also just to have something that is just something I do, that is just something for me. To better my health and it doesnt have anything to do with the kids. Now, how long will I keep this up? I dont know. However, I am looking forward to getting back into the hang of working out again!!!
I can't wait....

For anyone that is thinking of starting an exercise routine whether it be a gym, a class, or just walking on your own or something similar. Know this. If you arent in the habit it will seem hard. Just keep with it. you will get to where you love that time. You will feel like you have done something good for your body. So, go ahead and tell yourself you can do it and get out there and make it happen!!!!

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