September 24, 2009

She Can Read!!!!!

Well yesterday afternoon when Riley got home from school, in her bag was 5 decodable books. (To those that dont know they are very much like the little early readers we used to have in school).
I asked her what they were coming home for she said they told her to bring them home. I said well can you read them, she said yes. She proceeded to read me all five books with barely a word she didnt know. Now keep in mind these are very very early readers. They are made up like I see the and than they put a picture clue and the real word below for them to be able to start to learn how to read. However, I was amazed that she could read these already. Zander didnt ever bring home books like that in K and I dont think he couldve read them that early. Now, what I dont know is, is Riley ahead or was Zander behind. What I hate about it is. Zander has always kind had a harder time reading, or at least learning to read he is doing much better now. Riley seems to just get it and actually like doing it. Zander is awesome at Math like unreal good. Riley hasnt even really started that. What I dont want is to compare them. What I also dont want is to not praise her in fear of hurting him. So, that is my position right now. They both have gifts in different areas they are both smart kids. They both excell in certain ways. They are though very different. Night and Day almost in what they are good at and what they like. Now, it could be the boy/girl. It could be that Riley wants to "catch up" to Zander and Zander didnt have that motivation to read. All I know is after Riley read those books all the sudden Zander really wanted to read for us. So, mabye a little competion is good for you every once in awhile. It keeps you honest LOL!

Just wanted to share where we are on the journey of K for Riley. Zander brought home expanded form math yesterday and his thoughts on it where " mom its so easy!"
So who knows what to expect next!

Be Blessed today!


HomeSpun Threads said...

Actually, if Zander sees her reading and enjoying it, it's possible it may spark something for him. I think his issues come from his earlier reading experiences and his confidence. Having a teacher constantly telling a child his age that (or at least hearing it) that he "can't" or "won't" is detrimental. Building confidence for life is what they are doing at this age. Kids between k and 2nd grade have the "watch this" and "look at me" attitude for a reason. They love to do things successfully and success simply builds confidence to try newer and harder things. From an outsider looking in it seems like Zanders teacher before never tried hard enough to get him past certain stages that (ex. his sounding out individual letters). It killed his desire. He probably would bawk at going to a library the first few times because it's full of those monster things called books. However, if you could find books that are just a hair above where he is reading comfortably I think he could learn to like reading. It's not about pushing them to a certain level as society and standardized test make us think, it's about teaching them to enjoy reading. The skills come along with that. Not the other way around. I hope he's having a better year and YAY! for Riley Bug!
Oh and remind Zander that he's as smart as anyone else often because he is and smarter and Riley reading shouldn't make him feel less smart. Like you said, he's phenomenal at math and that's a really big deal.

Brandie said...

I agree that seeing Riley "liking" to read would help him it already seems to be. Of course this teacher he has this year is TONS more encouraging. She said that she thinks he is just doing really good. I dont know if Riley being able to read those are a big deal or not, I just know that Zander didnt at the age, so thats all I have to compare it too. It was just a surprise was all that she could do it. Zander picked out a chapter book at the book fair that is above his reading level we thought we could "help" him read it. So, he was excited about that. I really wish things couldve been different teaching him to read. I think that he has this idea that reading is something he "cant" do well. I am fighting that in him everyday. All because I think he was actually discouraged so much last year by his teacher that is what developed. This year his teacher is so encouraging, and he seems to "want" to read for her b/c she doesnt go on and on about what he isnt so good at.
Well thanks for your thoughts they mean a lot coming from you b/c I know you know what you are talking about!
Love ya girl! miss you, we need to get together soon!