February 4, 2009


Okay so I was listening to the radio today and heard a speaker by the name of Phil Vischer, most of you will know him as the creator of the veggie tales. Veggie tales are these too cute cartoons that tell stories from the bible, and impart biblical values into the lives of children. Well, he ended up losing his company. Not sure how all that happened. However, what I found interesting was the last couple of points he made about his life after that loss. He called it after the loss of his dream. He said that there are many Christians who while in an effort to serve God put the cart before the horse as it were. They make the decision as to how they are going to serve and than focus more on serving God than on God himself. He said that after he lost his company he had to "wait " on God to tell him his next move. He had to let "his" dreams die. His dreams of making videos that told christian stories which is a good thing, but he had to be willing to live with none of it. He had to get quite and still and wait on God to show him where he wanted him and what the next move should be. He said that the verse that says "where there is no vision the people perish" well he said we kinda get carried away with visions. You now have big companies who have a "vision" for the company a well thought out plan that is their goals for the next so many years. Well, he said that in that bible verse that vision that is referred too is not that kind of a vision its more better stated a revelation. Thats more what the word translates.
so, after much quite and praying he finally had a couple of ideas come to him. He took them to have them looked at , and he said he had to go in this board room where they were going to lay out the plans for his ideas and such maybe into a book form. He said the first thing the guy asked him was "where do you see yourself in 5 years." He said I couldn't believe after finally figuring out its not up to me to make a plan that is the first thing that I got asked. Well he said the only thing he knew to be true. "I will hopefully be right smack in the center of God's will" He said what God chooses to do with a life that is surrendered to him is really none of our business.

The conclusion is: when we are unsure of God's will the right thing is not to act and hope we are right, and throw ourselves over the top into it. The right thing is to wait. In the bible it says that we are wait upon the Lord. He made the point that noah was 500 years old before God gave him anything major to do. He had to wait on him.
The comment has been made by some that God cannot steer a parked car. So, that implies get moving God will show you where to go. Well that is not biblical. Think of all the great people of the Bible that had to wait to be shown God 's will. We must put our focus on Gods word and our relationship with God and than with a surrendered will to him he will decide where best we fit. Not we decide and ask God to bless it. This is a hard lesson, but I have found it to be true in my life. I mean also lets remember that if we dont get sill and quite we just might miss what it is that God is trying to say to us. In the bible it says that God is a still small voice. So, that means we really have to listening to hear him right.

I hope you got something from this. There is a decision that my family and are are struggling to figure out. We want to be obedient to God's will more than anything, but dont know for sure what to do or where to go on this particular issue.

Please be in prayer for us. I am sorry I cant share more details about it right now. Please feel free tell me what you struggle with , what do you pray about . A friend of mine over at Home spun threads has a post very similar today. She too is talking about what we pray about, and what we worry about? So, hopefully today you will have a blessed day. Please comment and share whats on your heart and mind.

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HomeSpun Threads said...

You know I'll pray for you guys! I learn more by studying His Word than hearing it and asking God, what's the bigger picture...what do You want ME to learn from this. Tonight the lesson was on Jericho...we all no that one but the bigger lesson is that we all have "Jericho's" or obstacles that are preventing us from having the good things that God wants us to have. The devil puts up the Jericho's/Walls in our life but the only way we can knock down those walls and get rid of our Jericho's is to follow Jesus as the Israelite's followed the ark around the wall and to have complete FAITH that we are doing is not only what God commanded us to do but that he makes us strong enough to do it just through our faith alone. Does that make sense? There's a bigger lesson in all the little stories. So, be strong, have faith, listen to God, follow Jesus and you'll get rid of your Jericho's to have the good things that God promises and wants for us.