January 19, 2009

Understanding Better

I know that I still have a ways to go, but I have had a revelation of sorts about my attitude about life in general. My life is not about getting. Its about giving and giving more and more. I know that we dont live our lives for ourselves but to be servants of the Lord. I have known this for some time. I have not lived it however. I have been interested in what I can get out of something. Now, this has not been easy to admit. It is however, something I have recognized in myself and am seeking to fix. I no longer what to look at things in a selfish way but in a way that says how can I help here, what can I do to better this situation.

Seems fitting since today is Martin Luther King Day to paraphrase the before mentioned,
"I may not yet be the man(woman) I should be, or the man(woman), with Christ's help, I someday will be-but thank God I'm not the man(woman) I used to be!"

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