December 7, 2008

She fought the WALL and the WALL won !!!!

Well over the weekend Saturday to be exact our pretty little girl ran right smack into the corner of our living room wall, and the result ended up being three stitches and a trip to Children's Medical Center.

We were getting ready to go out to get some lunch. I don't know why she ran into the corner but all i know is she was screaming. I ran to her and she was laying on the ground, i guess from bouncing off the wall. She was bleeding pretty badly. After looking at the cut we
decided it would be best to take her in and have her looked at just in case she needed stitches.
So, off to Children's we went. She was nervous, so were we. They were very good their though. They set her right at ease. While
we were waiting in the little room they had us in, the Shriner's came in some dressed like clowns some not. Anyway they came in and gave her two stuffed animals. So, out of the deal she got stickers, two stuffed animals, and a pop cycle. So, all in all she didn't do too bad LOL.

She will have the stitches in for 5-7 da
ys. She ended up having to get three total. So, just wanted to share our first experience with the emergency room for our children. My money would have been on my son being the first one we had to take but who knew??

So, this past Saturday the Wall for sure won the fight between it and the little ROO girl!!!


HomeSpun Threads said...

Awe! I know I saw her this morning, it's a wonder she didn' thave a black eye, poor girl. Don't you just hate it, I'll have to show you pictures sometime of Coopers eye after getting stabbed by a dart. It's so scary when it's their face and eyes. :( I missed you today???

Brandie said...

Thanks yeah I was wanting to come, but I guess all the stress of the weekend and than her ordeal got me down, I wasnt feeling very well. So, yeah she is fine. She could care less, but it was hard on matt and I lol.