December 1, 2008

Problems are a Blessing

So Thanksgiving is officially over and Christmas season has just begun. Every year I say "this year I am really going to slow down and enjoy Christmas and relax, and not stress about gifts and such" Each year I end up stressing all the season long, and than am just glad to have it over with when its over. No I'm not a Grinch, I do like Christmas its just stressful for me. I am sure it is for everyone.

There is a book by Max Lucado and i am sure of the name the point is though its a good book. Anyway in it he talks of him or someone else not sure being over seas in another country and a small child coming up to his car and begging for money. He said they were all over the place there begging. He had just gotten very frustrated b/c his car had broken down and he didn't know how he was going to afford to fix it. Well he realized once that child asked him for money that he should not even complain about his problem . To think that our problems should seem a blessing is odd but the thought makes sense. If you have no car to drive and must walk or whatever you don't have to worry about car problems. If you don't own your own home you don't have to worry about repairs. If you have no children than you don't have to worry how am I going to feed and clothe them. If you have no job than you have no co workers to be aggravated at. So, you see our problems with our "things" just go to show you how blessed we are that we have the privilege to have problems with them. Many people in America and for sure outside America would love to have our "Problems".

So, during this special time of the year that is so stressful I want to make a pack to remember that I would have no worry of giving gifts if I had no family and friends to give them too. So, this year I will remember those that would love to have my "problems" and my "worries" anytime.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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